Limback Wellness Center LLC - Stressed? Treat Yourself to a Massage!
Hours of operation are based on availability of all massage therapists within Limback Wellness Center, LLC. Hours will vary and continue to change. As of right now we offer hours 7 days a week, but that can change from month to month and we will do our best to keep the website updated.
General Availability:
Mon-Fri, 9-7pm and some Saturday & Sunday afternoons

For details, please visit: our GenBook booking application.
All hours can vary based on a therapist's schedule, subject to change without notice. Be aware that evening and weekend hours always book fastest and you may be required to book well in advance. We allow up to 2 months in advance booking, which we recommend.

If someone needs to be rescheduled, due to a therapist, we will do our best to accommodate to get you in sooner with some exceptions.

Couples massage are harder to reschedule due to the limited availability of 2 therapists being available at the same time. 

Remember we are a small business trying to provide personal and professional one-on-one care!  Occasionally a staff member may become sick and we have to reschedule all clients during that time, but not always in a timely manner because of limited staffing in a smaller office setting.
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