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Team Biographies
Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. This page is under construction!
About Jane Limback:
Jane has been the owner of Sunset Massage LLC since 1999. Starting on her own, years ago, she has brought in nothing but exceptional massage reviews. At first, it was a challenge bringing in other therapists, but Sunset Message is now excited to have some of the best practitioners join her on her new venture with Limback Wellness Center LLC.
Jane is very flexible with her massages, since she has the strength to provide a good deep tissue massage (that can challenge any male therapist, in MOST cases) but can also provide a gentle relaxation massage for those who cannot take a deeper tissue massage.
But most clients enjoy something in between, a deeper massage that ends up not only with therapeutic results, but feeling refreshed and relaxed at the end of each massage. In very few cases, some clients can tend to be very sore from never having a massage and have very tight muscles, even a relaxation massage can be a little intense, but this is rare.
About Rachel Whitman:
Rachel went High Tech Institute and graduated in 2009, with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy. She has been a massage practitioner with Sunset Massage LLC, then eased into Limback Wellness Center LLC since December 2011.
Many clients that have tried her techniques since the beginning have commented on how much improvement they have seen since she began and now gets some of the best reviews the business brings in.
Rachel specializes in deep tissue, relaxation and hot stone massages. Her focus is to find out what each client needs and customizes her massages to that clients needs.

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