Limback Wellness Center LLC - Stressed? Treat Yourself to a Massage!
Membership or Returning Clients:
You may become a member and be eligible for greatly reduced massage rates!
Buy Any 2 One Hour Massages at FULL Price and get 3 Massages FREE!
Members or Returning Client Packages, 1 Hour Massages
Note for Gifts
**Please remember to tip your massage therapist based on the entire value of your massage! Your getting a GREAT deal here! Let them know it. Thank you!
Individual Massages:
You may be eligible for these prices of you commit to coming in for your massage at least twice a month. Minimum of 1 hour massages required.
1-1.5 Hour Massage from Relaxation to Deep Tissue:
Members Committing to at least a 1 hour massage, twice a month
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