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Couple's Massage

We currently cannot always accommodate couples because of understaffing, however we will do our best for those who have already purchased a couples massage. Please be advised that booking individual appointments is best at this time.

You may book a couples massage, in the same room at the same time.
Mi Amore Couple's Massage:
This includes 2 massage tables side by side in a candle lit room, with relaxing music accompanied with chocolates. Great for special occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries... or just to do something special for your loved one!
Couple's Massage:
Couple's massage is the same as above, but without the candle light and chocolates.
Hot Stone Couple's Massage with single therapist:
Try a 2 hour session with the same therapist! This is with 1 massage therapist that offers hot stones during your massage treatment! You'll be in the same massage room side by side and as 1 of you is getting a relaxaing or deep tissue massage, the other will be warming up along side of your partner on hot stones. The therapist will rotate between both of you for an extra long relaxation experience! This is generally easier to schedule because we only need to have 1 therapist on staff that has at least up to 2 hours available in a row... rather than coordinating 2 therapists at the same time. Plus the bonus is relaxaing for up to 2 hours rather than just 1!
Couple's Massage Prices:
Mi Amore:
30 min: $125
60 Min: $225
90 Min: $325
Couple's Massage:
30 Min: $115
60 Min: $215
90 Min: $315
Hot Stone's Couple's Massage with single therapist:
1 Hour: $200
90 Min: $300
2 Hours: $400
* New Clients Only: Purchase 1 and get 2 FREE! Return Clients: Purchase 1 and get 1 FREE. Limited time only!
Please Purchase your Couple's massage from our website and bring in your receipt to pay for your massage at the time of your appointment.
Couple's Massage
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